Millie Bobbie Brown meets today to 14 years of age


Our little girl is getting bigger :’)

Be the actress who gives life to Eleven at such a young age, it has been challenging stunning that Millie Bobby Brown, has been able to tackle with a lot of class from the first season of Stranger Things.

If you like the series, don’t deny that you feel a little bit of affection towards this great figure today, your birthday, and it inspired us to review a little of what is behind the actress who plays the character.

Here goes!

What about Barcelona?

Yup, Millie Bobby Brown he was born in Barcelona, but has british parents. He learned his flawless north american accent at a very early age, while watching movies on the Disney Channel.

When he was asked to rapara his head for the role of Eleven refused, but the brothers Duffer showed him a picture of Natalie Portman in his paper on ‘V for Vendetta‘ and was convinced.

Tough girl!

Milliand is a fan of boxing, and going to the gym most days. Do thai boxing Monday, jujitsu on Tuesday and Thursday, and the Wednesday boxing .

She also enjoys singing, and is a big fan of Adele and Amy Winehousebut his favorite is Ed Sheeran.

Tell me about rap, Millie.

But if that weren’t enough, Millie is also known to rap, as show in the Jimmy Fallon he played the part of Nicki Minaj on the topic “Monster” of Kanye West.