Must-see: Selena Gomez appears without a bra and you will see it Quite falls!


Inevitably, the famous singer and actress has been photographed while I was walking in the street with a gorgeous outfit, but what was not expected is that in the snapshots that he took out an error quite noticeable, and that is the fact that their couple of good reasons appear pretty falls.

At 27 years of age Selena Gomez has already conquered the heart of the world, thanks to the various film projects in which he was part, and now with their musical themes has managed to sweep with great success.

Some of the musical themes of Selena Gomez are known by the following names: “lose you to love me”, “We don t talk anymore” and “Boyfriend”, which have helped to maintain a reputation high enough and stable.

It is worth noting that the famous from a very young age has managed to earn the attention of their fans, after appearing in various television series where she had a great role along with other important stakeholders in the world of art and entertainment.

But on this occasion, has not been a success dormant of Selena Gomez the one that has caught our attention, if not a simple but a very scandalous photograph in which appears the famous singer with a yellow shirt and nothing underneath.

In the snapshot it appears the famed looking back at his around, but the most striking thing of all is that their pair of friends looked pretty falls. This shocked all his fans because in very few occasions we have been able to observe a similar picture, so that his followers can not assimilate this controversy surprise.