Natalia Barulich, the sensual girlfriend of Maluma

The popular singer and Natalia Barulich they met during the recording of the video “Happy 4”since then the fiery relationship began to grow, as of today, both Maluma as Natalia, they shout their love to the four winds and boast various aspects of your life on social networks.

Barulich he was born in Los Angeles, Usa, in 1992, but it has descent cuban and Croatian. Is two years older than the singer, but this small age difference has not interfered in the passionate courtship. The first time we saw the couple was in Mexico during the gala of a major foundation in November of 2017.

Is a ballet dancer since 5 years and perfected the art when he was 16 years of age. From there took the leap to become a professional model. Highlighted participating at the side of the great figures in music such as Britney Spears, with whom he recorded the video “Work Bitch”.

Four years ago he became a DJ at the side of her friend Esther Anaya, both boasting their descent from Latin.

The heart of the colombian is occupied by this statuesque model of major brands that has occupied the covers of various magazines.

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