Natti Natasha uses your PHOTO more SEXY to announce new song


One of the artists of the moment is without a doubt Natti Natasha, who has revolutionized the social networks because of their talent in music, and his unique style of display always in a way innovative.

Natti Natasha is remembered by many users due to its success entitled Without pajamas, song in which the artist shows his talent through a music video with more than 6 million 500 thousand reproductions, which starred in alongside Becky G.

Now, the renowned singer dominican has returned to cause commotion through your profile Instagramwhere decided to announce an upcoming release of a very original way.

It was through this platform that Natti decided to report on a new release of a theme that has been preparing for many months.

The famous accompanied a sensual publication with a outfit color red intense with the following message:

Tried another and in the end not you was it? That happened? The 1 of June you are going to spend cabbbbrrrrrwrote along with the hashtag #Quemaltefue, leaving to see that that would be the title of your new topic.

As was expected, before such publication, immediately fans the singer began to express his emotion before the new theme, at the same time they took to issue thousands of flattery the beautiful artist.

Writing Digital The Herald Mexico