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Neither the confinement nor the health crisis have erased the smile Sara Verdasco. The sister-in-law of Anne Boyer is full of happiness and it is not for less: it’s going to be a mother for the first time. To the side of Juan Carmona will expand the family, and in addition you are going to make double because they expect twins. This summer, the marriage will end the caritas of the small, to look forward to with great enthusiasm and concern. “Counting the days to have them with me. My girls“, recently stated the sister of Fernando Verdasco, who served with Tamara Falcó godmother of the christening of the little Miguel as showed HELLO! in an exceptional interview exclusive. Surely, the child, who in march celebrated its first year, will act as perfect partner in mischief of their primitas.

Sara Verdasco showing off the pregnancyVIEW GALLERY

Sara and John, who is the nephew of Antonio Carmona has not yet shared the names they have chosen for their babies, but what is certain is that they receive gifts from their environment for the girls, who arrive to complete the happiness of a marriage that two years ago I lived a complicated moment when you suffer a serious outrage in Miami. Luckily they have overcome injuries and are available to enjoy a stage very sweet in all aspects. The couple is going to give the important step three years after becoming husband and wife in a romantic wedding held in the church of the Holy Apostles in Boadilla del Monte (Madrid). The link with the flavour of flamenco was attended by more than 300 invited guests, among whom were their relatives and also friends as Simoneta Gómez Acebo, Rosario Flores, Elena, and Guillermo Furiase, Elsa Anka, Carola Baleztena and Emiliano Suarez, Dafne Fernández and Mario Chavarria…

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A very important occasion

This summer promises to be unforgettable also for Alessandra de Osma and Christian of Hannover. Not in vain, the businesswoman is pregnant for the first time as the advanced HELLO! In addition, the happiness of both is double. The daughter of the marriage formed Felipe de Osma and the exmodelo Elizabeth Foy, and the son of Ernest of Hanover are going to be parents of twins. Two babies who await with great enthusiasm for a long time, and is that expanding the family is a desire that both have been very present from the start of their relationship, which has been developed mostly in Madrid, where they have fixed his residence since 2013. In the capital are very comfortable, they have found a longed-for anonymity, good weather and great friends. That is why the arrival of their children is likely to occur in our country.

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The happy news of the pregnancy of Alessandra de Osma, who has just celebrated his second wedding anniversary, came in full pandemic, it is for this reason that until you have begun the desescalada not been able to see the businesswoman peruvian boasting of pregnancy by the vicinity of his home, very close to El Retiro park. In the latest issue of HELLO! -currently for sale in your kiosk nearest – show the first pictures of the daughter-in-law of Ernest of Hanover showing off the tummy while on a stroll in the remaining patents, the instinctive gestures of affection toward their babies, for those who are already receiving some details. Few days ago we could see Christian coming home with a package gray with a drawstring navy blue and a note that reads “Sassita Baby”.

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The families that they have multiplied!

Both Alessandra as Sara are in addition to the celebrities who have been mothers for a double. For almost two years, Alice Campello and Álvaro Morata gave the welcome to Leonardo and Alessandro, who will soon have a new playmate. The model and the footballer of Atletico Madrid await her third baby, to have it clear that you would call Edoardo. It is also the case of Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikovathat have to Nicholas, Lucy and the little Mary. The first two were born two and half years ago while the girl came to the world in January to complete the happiness of your home. Another of the marriages in the house of gemini are Elsa Pataky and Chris Hemsworth. The actors first had to India Rose, of eight years, and later Sasha and Tristan, who are six years old today. For their part, stars as Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé, Julia Roberts, Ricky Martin, Cristiano Ronaldo, Jennifer Lopez or Angelina Jolie, as well as members of the royalty as Charlene of Monaco or Frederick of Denmark complete this list of families that have grown doubly.