Nicki Minaj came out of retirement with the premiere of Say So Remix along with Doja Cat


A few months ago Nicki Minaj was surprised by all their fanticos stating that it is to withdraw from the music, but for now it seems that not be so, I announced the arrival of its participation in the simple Say So Remix.

The successful song of Doja Cat is one of the most listened to recently and artist born in Trinidad and Tobago accepted the proposal of his colleague to make a remix, which without a doubt be a trend.

This is not the first time that the celebrity of 37 years participates in a partnership of a successful issue, as we must remember the fenmeno musical Tusa, with the logr important rcords with Karol G.

Recently the singer bean released several of his short-term plans, such as for example the creation of your own signature discogrfica, which has as its intention to help developing artists.

Say So Remix comes in full quarantine where the fanticos of The Queen of Rap you have been asked to screams that go back to the music, being as an example the recent request that she made on Twitter.

A few hours ago Nicki Minaj she asked her followers to tuitearan a hashtag that quickly became a trend, it is the convention to publish a preview of your new theme.

By now the musical future of the model it is uncertain, because in spite of announcing his retirement from the industry, are coming back lately with various collaborations such as this.