“Oh, poop everywhere!”: former stagehand of the Manchester United, reveals the day in the dressing room Sir Alex Ferguson was flooded in feces and used socks for the rescue of the jewels of the campus


Albert Morganhistorical stagehand Manchester United declassified a terrible anecdote suffered by the staff of Sir Alex Ferguson at the Stadium of Light of Sunderland, where a pipe exploded flooding of stool the dressing room of the team and making the striker Dimitar Berbatov to lose their temper when they find their boots filled with feces.

Morgan, now enjoying retirement, is one of the people that the more secrets you know of the shrine of the Red Devils, that is why in the official podcast of the club revealed that in 2010, after a duel against Sunderland by the Premier League, an innocent leak, and ended up becoming a foul smelling nightmare:

“When we got to the dressing room (of Sunderland), there was a ‘drip, drip, drip’, had a bucket underneath the drip and said: ‘Oh, we have a leak in the ceiling’. So all the boys were preparing, they were all walking around this cube, the manager was sitting in the corner. Had spoken in the team at the hotel and was reading the programme of the party. We all go out to the field for the warm up”, he told Morgan, adding:

The former stagehand’s Manchester United’s Albert Morgan, revealed the day in the dressing room Sir Alex Ferguson was flooded in stool

“We were there outside for a few minutes and one of the security guards came and said:” Albert, I think it will be better for you to come to the locker room, that bucket is filling up a little bit,” he said, adding: “we walked in and they had these panels of the roof, before you could say peep, one of the ceiling panels broke out. I shit everywhere!!! About the costumes, the clothes, the walls, the ceiling. Berbatov was going crazy for their shoes. His shoes had sunk into three inches of shit” told the former stagehand.

“Nothing could be saved. Everything was gone in the stool: shoes, suits. The only thing we could do was get into the socks and shoes of the boys to get the jewels and the clocks” narrated Morgan, who also said that the staff wanted to cancel the duel that day:

“The t-shirts were spattered in excrement. They had to delay the game half an hour because the players said “I don’t think to play with that”, said the famous stagehand who once more gave an unknown story of the team led by the historic Sir Alex Ferguson.

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