Orlando Bloom ‘fight’ with the family of Katy Perry at a table game


The table games have been for a very long time a constant source of amusement for the human being. The more passionate of this option fun be disposed of-hours and entire days reclining on your favorite games. And during these dates, christmas, it is very common for families to take dice, chips and boards to spend the evening whiling away the time in this way.

However, like everything that involves the slightest competition, the ‘sprints’ are the order of the day and you could almost say that part of the charm of this type of entertainment. Sometimes, the nerves, the tricks that skim the trap or losing can lead to big clashes, as well as moments of immense hilarity. And Katy Perry has been the last show with a hilarious video to which hysteria can lead a mere board game.

The singer shared yesterday on his account of Instagram a few images that appear as the great protagonist his current partner, Orlando Bloom. The actor and the artist spent a few days in the company of her family and the group decided to take a departure to the Taboo, which finally ended up going on of hands. The video picks up in particular the point in time at which the interpreter, very exalted, he embarks on a series of discussions, obviously in jest, but to cry bare, with several of the family of his fiancée.

The fun interaction understood a kind of ‘duel’ screaming with a young, as well as various verbal attacks of the more ingenious the actor for the part of the clan of Perry. “In the first place, you are from another country. Do you have anything for a visa to be here?“, barked one of the people present in the chaotic living room. To finish off the jab, another of the family of the singer did not hesitate to ensure in a loud voice the following: “Why do you think he’s going to marry her?”

Perry, who seems to be that he was in charge of recording the time and does not appear in the video, is limited to accompany the publication of the sentence: “Happy Holidays with the family” and a heart icon. The post does not leave place to doubts, the margin of competitiveness of Orlando, the increasingly strong relationship between the artists. The couple, which got engaged Valentine’s Day of last year, has planned to pass by the altar in 2020.