Queen Letizia shows her hair with gray hair in a video call


The queen Letizia he continues with his duties as king and queen of Spain via remote control. In the last few weeks, they have released several images of the royal working from their office with outfits more casual than normal and beauty looks simple, but there is something that draws attention and is that, like other celebrities like Meghan Markle and Salma Hayek, she has also decided to let their gray hair free your mane chestnut.

In one of the last photos that have been disseminated, queen Letizia held a videoconference with the Foundation, CERMI Women to talk about the social crisis that was unleashed from pandemic Covid-19. During the virtual meeting, the queen of Spain took a blazer in green tone aqua deep with a body black underneath, but what we have to talk about is your long hair-brown ash.

The queen Letizia of Spain.

© Paul Block

We can see that Letizia Ortiz took his hair down hairstyle with stripe side and the tips discreetly combed inward. Between the clear tones of her mane it is possible to perceive some white areasespecially at the height of the bangs. It is a fact: let the gray hairsif you have, or just starting out, is a definite trend this year and we hope that you will keep for a long time.

The naturalness has been one of the lessons that many celebrities have put into practice during the time they remained in quarantine. As we have mentioned on other occasions, it all depends on what you prefer, but the point is that you do not feel guilty or less attractive if you don’t want dye your gray hair.

Queen Letizia continues to give lessons in style via remote control.

© Handout

If the latter is your case, take the teachings of queen Letizia and simply accommodates your mane to make it look pristine. With the necessary care, this is possible, remember that the key is to bring your wing tips in as it does the royalafter you apply a bit of serum to achieve that effect impeccable.

What is certain is that let the gray hairs as a statement of security and empowerment to the rigorous standards of beauty that have governed for years, can be a reason for this trend is preserved. Celebrities allow us to see that, like us, are human. Thank you, queen Letizia.

Discover the style of queen Letizia in this video