Reflection lm | BumbleBee: a balance between unexpected twists


Can you imagine a film of the franchise Transformers in the same style as Steven Spielberg? Well, Travis Knight accomplished with BumbleBee one of the best film proposals family to this end of the year.

The film is starring Hailee Steinfeld and John Cena. Within the story we appreciate the fall of Cybertron and the plan on the part of Optimus Prime, focused search for a new base to be able to fight the Decepticons. Within this plan, BumbleBee arrives on the planet earth taking the shape of a VW Beetle. The human contact it will have with Charlie, with whom he creates a bond and together they will have to face the decepticons.

On BumbleBee there is a lot to rescue and is that the director has stated, the knowledge about this franchise, to which this episode manages to print a new format itself that is quite different from the idea put forward by the same Michael Bay.

With an opening scene that dazzles by the tone reminiscent of the animated series, the story begins to take shape in the best way; in this space we can compare to BumbleBee with E. T., this to several similarities that are present in the story.

We can mention that the film can relate to as a tribute to the pop culture of the eighties, as the same cinematography gives that essence. Here is where recourse is made to various elements: music, references to movies; everything has the same tone of the films of that decade.

The music plays a very important role, as it is the language through which the connection between Bee and Charlie gets stronger. Within the music we have to The Smiths, Simple Minds and Tears For Fears, to name a few. Playing in these references, one of the most remarkable and that gives the plus to the tape is the one that makes the scene iconic end of The Breakfast Club.

Mentioning the above, the context of the story knows how to balance multiple unexpected twists, themselves that are entertaining, fun, leading to a conclusion pertinent to the film. Along with great performances, the result is more rewarding.

Travis Knight was able to take the soul to a franchise that seemed overshadowed by the flaws in the story and in its characters. Making a parenthesis, this could be a good way for the franchise, since it has the idea of structuring this universe.

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