Rihanna and Michelle Obama are protesting on Twitter against police violence in the U.S.


The former First Lady Michelle Obama and the pop singer Rihanna mourned through their Twitter accounts, the event of racism that ended with the life of the african-american George Floyd, arrested violently by the Police Minneapolis on the 25th of may.

“As many of you, I suffer these recent tragedies. I am filled with an anguish that seems never stopping. At this time are George, Breonna, and Ahmaud. Before that they were Eric, Sandra and Michael. Just follow and follow and follow,” wrote Michelle, alluding to other recent cases of racism.

For her part, Rihanna was asked: “If the intentional KILLING is the consequence proper for ‘drugs’ or ‘resisting arrest’ … what, then, is the consequence appropriate for the MURDER?”.

George Floyd he died last Monday night after being arrested on suspicion of having attempted to use a fake banknote of 20 dollars in a supermarket. In videos recorded by witnesses to the scene of police violence, it appears one officer with his knee on his neck for several minutes.

“Please, please, please, please, I can not breathe. Please”, you hear Floyd tell the police, while dying.

The “I can’t breathe” Floyd has become the cry of the protests the past few days in Minneapolis, which in the last few hours have been extended by other parts of the country.

Aside from Minneapolis, the morning there were demonstrations, some peaceful and others that resulted in riots in other parts of the United States, such as Los Angeles, New York city, Denver (Colorado), Columbus (Ohio), Louisville (Kentucky), Memphis (Tennessee), Albuquerque (New Mexico), and Phoenix (Arizona).