Rihanna shares her sadness at the events after the death of George Floyd


UNITED STATES.– The singer and actress barbadense Rihanna shared what is sad and devastated that it has felt in the last few days after the events related to George Floyd, an african american man who lost his life after being arrested by four officers in the city of Minneapolis, the united States, a fact that shocked the entire world in the last week.

The singer of Umbrella and Diamonds shared in their social networks a photograph of Floyd accompanied by the message: “During the past few days, the magnitude of the devastation, the anger, the sadness I have felt has been overwhelming, to say the least. See my people being killed and linchada, day after day, pushed me to a deep place in my heart.”

Rihanna explained that it has been out of the social networks in order to avoid hearing the agony of George Floyd each time he pleaded for his life, as the dissemination of the video in which the citizen is arrested and subdued by police officers, has given back to the world, placing the topic in the public opinion.

“The look of temptation, joy, and the climax in the face of this bigoted, killer, thug, pig, slob, Derek Chauvin, it haunts me! I don’t I remove this!!!!”, added the singer, who noted in the sound of the ambulance arriving at the scene, and the paramedic trying to take the pulse of Floyd, every time that the police did not remove his knee on the neck of the arrested.

“Is this what is normal? If intentional homicide is the consequence proper for ‘Drugs’ or ‘Resisting arrest’… what, Then, is the consequence appropriate for the murder?”, ended Rihanna in his message on social networks.