Romee Strijd boasts of tummy of pregnant


Romee Strijd you are living a dream, literally. The model of Victoria’s Secret I had always wanted to be a mother with her boyfriend, Laurens van Leeuwen, gave their fans the great news a few days ago (congratulations, parejaza!). Although not everything was going to be a bed of roses. Katy Perry has been one of the last to take romanticism to the image of motherhood. Also the model is experiencing it in first person, when confessing to his fans that he feels cansadísima. But none of that is going to remove the illusion to the Dutch. The baby is on the way, and she could not be more happy about it. Although the reveal the secret he did it with a photo of just you could sense something of the change -that also is normal for the first few months of pregnancy-this Saturday has shared several photos and videos where not to boast of tummy with its on-trend look and we melt in love!

Romee Strijd

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Although the overall situation is a bit chaotic, what is certain is that the stop work would not have been able to expect to get better Romee, who has returned to Amsterdam and are enjoying your pregnancy without the stress of the work agenda. Something that is also coming from marvel, to other moms-to-be of the universe celebrity as Sophie Turner, or, without going very far, Alice Campellor. That yes, to the dress, Romee has not begun to look yet in the section of maternity, as that is still in that phase in which you can still recycle clothes from your closet, and when it is elastic. Something that you made with a knit dress in color nude long sleeve with marking your new figure. Did the touch end? A sneakers white, because even though fashion is important, comfort -especially at this stage-is crucial.

Romee Strijd

One of the things we like the most of Romee these days is his sense of humor. Also yesterday, before your trip, with Laurens, he recorded a time routine of your day in which he appeared playing the console. “A child in the belly and the other playing FIFA”wrote the model accompanying the minivídeo. But his serious face don’t get confused, more than angry, took it with humor by adding a smiley at the end of the sentence. At the end of the day, parents as Fedez demonstrate that video games are not at odds with taking care of the small of the house.

Romee Strijd

The Romee is a case of exciting the double the to be almost a miracle doctor. for two years thought that he could not stay pregnant due to polycystic ovary, a syndrome that had been diagnosed and that causes infertility. However, in a publication of his profile, he admitted that the life style that I wore these years in his career as a model (with travel, aircraft, constant, daily workouts and restrictive diets) was taking its toll on your body. So, by your account, he discovered that by changing these variables could combat the condition, something as simple as eating more varied or reducing the amount of exercise. Does the end result? That will soon be a family of three.