Shakira presumed her figure on the beach with a minibikini red


The singer is proud of her figure.

A lesson of self-love gave Shakira when you show your body in bikini on the beach. Recently, some images of the singer went viral for posing in front of cameras from the beach.

At age 43, the artist left to see their attributes and photos without all the photoshop began to circulate in social networks. Although many users issued negative opinions, the fans praised the body of the singer.

Far from seeking perfection, the images show the natural body of the interpreter of “Waka Waka”, which left many critical, since they claim that in previous occasions would have abused the digital touch-ups.

Shakira is a victim of negative comments

This is not the first time that Shakira receives harsh criticism for her appearance. During an event prior to the Super Bowl, the singer wore a dress that allowed him to view his legs and proudly showed her cellulite.

Although many haters came out to criticize it, those who defended and praised were more.

After the presentation of the colombian in the Super Bowl, many spoke about the perfect body that I had, so that a follower shared the new images to display the cellulite.

Although we expected criticism, the reaction of the followers was the opposite, as they applauded the artist to show off her body as it is.

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