Shawn Mendes is sincere and indicates that Camila Cabello did not want to have a relationship with him


The romance between the lead singer of ‘Stitches’ and Camila Cabello we have had everyone on edge since the first moment. The relationship between the two that began as a simple friendship has ended up being a beautiful love story.

In spite of all the doubts that we had at the beginning about whether two friends could get to be a couple, Shawn Mendes, and the singer cuban-american have shown us that yes.

The canadian singer has opened up to his fans regarding his relationship with Camila Cabello in the final ‘Questions and Answers’ she decided to do. The love story between the two has given so much to talk about even before they started dating, now the singer has dared to give some love tips to its followers and has emerged as they went from being friends to being boyfriends. In Shanghai a fan asked the singer if you ever had not been in loveShawn Mendes answered the question immediately with a resounding yes and added, “Well, if you tell the whole story of Camila , it would take a long time.” The artist ended with a message emotional “I would say that you have to fight for someone whom you really love and, if you really love him, then you’ll get it.”

The romantic story between the two has not been public from the first moment, nor has it been easy. Many were the rumors that ran through the social networks before the artists confirm their relationship. Since they began to work together for the song ‘Senorita’ was already beginning to viralizarse the hastag “Shawmila” a name that their fans have invented to refer to the relationship. The peak moment came when Camila Cabello confirmed in an interview that he was seeing Shawn Mendes and maintaining conversations on social networks. Even though I had photographs of themselves in which they came out kissing, and walking in the street, while giving the hand, there was no confirmation of any relationship on the part of any of the two.

Many have been the negative comments that the couple has had to endure from the beginning of their romance, and although both were soon to confirm, now not hesitate to show their love through social networks. One of the videos more viral love is in the that come out kissing wildly. This video shocked many of his followers by the way in which both kiss each other, but apparently it is a nod towards the fans who criticize their relationship and about whether it’s true love.

The chemistry between the two as you could see in the video clip of ‘Miss’ and the “hype” that led his followers with this single was real. The hit that is considered one of the greatest songs of this year, has managed to be number one on many digital platforms and that has not stopped ringing on numerous radio stations since it came out last July. The official music video has over 640 million views on YouTube and, like the romance between the singers, has proven to be a great success.