Shawn Mendes reveals how are your appointments with Camila Cabello


Shawn Mendes is known for making meetings with his followers before his concerts, during this time, the singer usually do a session of ‘questions and answers’.

In the course of the last of its sessions, a fan asked how it was to have an appointment with the cuban, Camila Hairto which Shawn replied:

“Camila and I basically wake up and go to the nearest coffee shopShe calls for a cup and a half of coffee, while I drink around three. We’re always in different cities, that’s why when we meet, we like to be the one with the other; we look for something to eat and after an hour it’s like, ‘are You hungry?’ and we’re going to eat again. We probably see a movie, ‘Entangled’, Camila loves ‘Tangled’”. – said the singer of “Señorita”.

Likewise, the singer shared that, engage in a conversation with Camila is the most easy and fun in the world, since it always has something interesting or random what to talk about.

The rejection of Camila Shawn

During this same session, the singer stated that it was not easy to conquer the cubanbecause it expresses that Camila came to reject it several times, however, Shawn never gave up and encouraged his followers “to fight for someone whom you really love and, if you really love him, then you’ll get it”.

Without a doubt, the relationship between Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes is one of the most solid in the world of music.