So it would be the debut of Bella Thorne in the Marvel universe


It seems that Natalie Portman it will not be the only superheroine of this fourth phase of Marvel.

Marvel is preparing its fourth phase with an introduction to more female characters in the skin of the superheroes that have historically been performed by men.

After the San Diego Comic-con 2019, where Natalie Portman was presented as the new Thor, in Thor: Love and Thunderhas born the strong rumor that something very similar would happen with another classic: Ghost Rider.

A few days ago Cosmic Book News reported the great interest of Kevin Present –let’s say that the bone of contention between Disney and Sony, and that put in danger the continuity of Spider-Man in the Marvel universe– for bringing Ghost Rider the universe of superheroes with an innovation: The introduction of the female version of this avenger.

According to the website, Present be looking for that Bella Thorne to interpret this version.

“You know that Bella Thorne is being considered to interpret Alexandra Jones, the female version of Ghost Rider“cites Cosmic Book News. The rumor arose through the site 4Chan, that in the past was right with his theories about Guardians of the Galaxy and Star Wars.

In 2011 they released “Fear Itself”, where Alexandra Jones, a nicaraguan woman becomes Ghost Rider through a ritual performed by a man named Adam.

While this version introduces the powers previously unknown to the lost when Johnny Blaze (the Ghost Rider original) recovers his strength.

A few weeks ago, Bella Thorne made her debut in the porn film, receiving an important recognition on the part of Pornhub.

All of the details in the video above.

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