So much love in public! Look at how he opted for kissing Becky G and Sebastian Llegtget


The reggaetonera Becky G went out to sunbathe with her partner, the footballer Sebastian Lletget. To the current circumstances, the bride and groom decided to show affection in public. What a surprising!

Becky G was not boring for anything these weeks at home. If it was not the work, and new musical themes, played ball, and chatted with her partner, the footballer Sebastian Lletget.

In the last few hours, he shared a couple of photos in their stories of Instagram, where the singer modelling with her boyfriend, while they were enjoying a bit of sun in the open air.

In the same, Becky G posed with a beautiful t-shirt psychedelic colors and short sleeves, while Lletget a chomba grey, both with their respective cover mouths. For this reason, and to be given affection in front of the camera and their adored fans, they decided to do this. Mommie!

Without a doubt, a kiss goes beyond the contact or not, but the gesture and his tender meaning. Let us remember that Becky G and Sebastian Lletget are met during the filming of the movie Power Rangers. His companion, Naomi Watts, introduced him to a friend of her husband, and there began the love story.

Many fans are wondering when it will come to the wedding and even, new members to the family. Do you focus more time on work projects or give you the surprise?