Sophie Turner, “Game of Thrones” will be left with bad habits


Any fan of “Game of Thrones” had killed or sold their soul by being in any location of the series and not to mention be part of the popular and extensive cast of this show, however one of their members detailed the bad habits that the series has left.

It is Sophie Turnerknown by millions as Sansa Stark, who explained that after being in the series is badly used since after the end of their participation, I wanted all the characters that came to her were like his alter ego in Westeros.

Sansa is a character that grew, evolved and matured throughout the season and he went from being an innocent girl and, to a certain weak point to become a strong woman, a great strategist and leader, is a great character and anyone would want more characters like they were in the movies or television”, explained Turner.

Having a role like the one that has made it famous, Turner acknowledge that thought that all the future projects I chose, it would have to be that way and discovered that would not necessarily have to occur as well.

I think she was very badly educated by the writers and could be fun to interpret vulnerable women who are not empowered and I malcriaron the writers (of “Game of Thrones”) when you write a character so strong and believe that thus they had to be all,” he said.

However, Turner said that when he got the role of Jean Grey in the current saga “X – Men”, understood that what needs were not roles of women uertes, but for women with several layers, women three-dimensional.

When you enter in “X-Men” I knew that I could interpret the characters rich in their building of a character with many layers and I think that is what we should ask for more female characters complex and let those that are flat and without a bottom,” he said.

To be part of una of series a feeling of the past years, it also has brought to the life of Sophie, millions of fans around the worldbut also many “haters”.

Before this, the actress of 22 years has chosen to take their precautions for that bad comments about her or her work does not affect.

“I think that the best way of dealing with messages of hate or negative criticism is not to read or see anything that you say or write about me. That doesn’t mean I loved the fans and that you pay attention to what I say but the negative things the alejo of my life, fortunately I have more fans than detractors,” he added.