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Sophie Turner is only 23 years old and it has been nearly eight turned into a well-known actress, successful and millionaire. You have an incipient career that has taken weight thanks to her role of Sansa Stark in Game of thrones. In his personal life enjoys a consolidated relationship with musician Joe Jonas. However, the sweetness of success and love does not mean having an ideal life. As she herself has told you now, it takes five years suffering from depression, and when you finish the famous series which launched to fame is intended to take a good season of rest.

The british had never spoken before about their mental health problems, but explained this to be transparent to help others who are going through the same thing and change the stigmas associated to these. “The biggest challenge for me is to get out of bed, get out of the house and learn to love myself”, she explains in the podcast Phil in the Blanks. The interview takes place right after the premiere of the last season Game of thrones and shortly before that Turner was immersed in the promotion of his new film, X-Men: Phoenix Dark, something that will not leave too much time for that longed-for break.

His character is present in the series since the first season, he started to work very intensively since I was very young, in 2011, just 15 years old. That early age also affected his relationships with his friends and his environment, because he suffered to be alone when his companions started to go to the university and to leave their houses while she was still living with his parents and working. In fact, he has told that I did not want to see their friends, stay with them: “Just cried and cried and I thought: ‘I can Not leave. I don’t want to do anything”.

“I liked it so much…”, he recalls about his involvement in the series. “I couldn’t believe that I was going to have to pay for it. Everything was amazing,” he laments. “But it all started to go south when I reached puberty, as to the 17 years,” recounted before the microphones of the program. “My metabolism slowed down a lot and I started to gain weight. And then I had to face up to the scrutiny of the social networks and all that, and that was when [la depresión] he began to hit me”.

For her, the networks —it has more of 10 million followers on Instagram and each chapter of Game of thrones tends to become the most commented on Twitter— were triggers of his depression, though not the only thing that caused it: “they Contributed. I wouldn’t say that was the main reason, but a catalyst.” The actress used to read the comments of the people, which the report criticized for almost everything: your weight, your skin, your physique, your way of acting… “I thought so. I said to myself: ‘Yes, I’m full of beans. Yes, I’m fat. I’m a bad actress’. And I believed it”. As she herself explained, “I saw 10 comments, fantastic, and ignorant, but one negative I sank”.

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Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas in a celebration of Oscar, 2019. CORDON PRESS

“I began to be very, very aware of everything… I Started to worry about the angles [de cámara]. I was worried about my face. I have a big nose and everyone loves it let me notice, and was how: ‘I do Not know at what angle to put myself’. It affected my creativity. I could not be faithful to the character because I was too worried about Sophie,” reflected the actress.

The interpreter has been able to improve thanks to sessions of therapy and specific treatment. “Now I want to myself, or more than before, I think. I don’t think I want much, but I’m with someone that helps me to realize that I do have some positive qualities, I guess,” he explained in reference to the musician Joe Jonas, who accompanied her to the recording of the radio program. The couple announced last year and a half that had been committed, although at the moment there is no date for your wedding. “When someone tells you every day that you want, makes you to think of the reasons why you want to and also love you a little more to yourself. So yes, I want”.

Turner is not the only protagonist of Game of thrones that has suffered some problem. The actor Kit Harington, Jon Snow in the series, acknowledged several months ago that he had needed to go to therapy in order to assimilate the fame and prominence of his character. Lena Headey, who plays Cersei Lannister, confessed recently that she recorded the first season of the fiction with post-partum depression.