Sportsmen unite against racism


LeBron James is one of the athletes who called for justice and protested against the racism in his Instagram.

The death of George Floyd at the hands of police officers in Minnesota did that in the world of sports also make them aware and ask for justice.

The police brutality that occurred in the united States shook the world, when a police officer killed a black man hincándole the knee in the head. Before the event, multiple athletes were not silent, and called for justice, in addition to emphasis on the fight against racism.

One of the voices most prominent was that of LeBron James, NBA star, who posted on his Instagram a photo in which shows the officer kneeling on Floyd and the second is seen kneeling at the quarterback Colin Kaepernick during the national anthem protesting in their day against racial injustice, accompanied by the legend: “This … … is why” what¡¡¡Understand now!!! ??

How or is too blurry for you?”, making allusion to the injustice that got Kaepernick in his time, by protesting with that gesture.

During a new journey of the Bundesliga, the american Winston Mckeenie, player of Schalke 04, also wore a band on his left arm with the legend “Justice for George”, in the duel against Werder Bremen.

Another that is said about the fact it was the ecuadorian Luis Antonio Valencia with the hashtag #georgefloyd on your Instagram and posting a photo of her arm in protest. “I’m black and I’m proud of my color,” published.


Alex Morgan, two times world champion with the women’s national team of the usa. UU., also threw criticisms by saying: “So disgusted beyond words by the brutal police murder of George Floyd. When will be treated and respected all americans equally, regardless of race and gender? We yearn for true leadership and inclusion from the top,” he i.