Thalia and Tommy Mottola move to Miami


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Carlos Camargo

The couple’s jet-set musical new york, formed by the mexican Thalia and the discographic impresario Tommy Mottola, just bought a love nest in the heights in Miami for $8 million. The mexican actress and singer and the famed music producer north american acquired the apartment of four bedrooms and five baths, 3,948 square feet in one of the complexes most exclusive of the area of Surfside, Four Seasons Residences at The Surf Club. With spectacular views of the sea and the edge of the beach. Thalia, for her part has just launched his second album for kids, Live Kids 2, which has dedicated to his children.

Chiquis and Becky G are brought together in a cocktail of musical explosive

Two divas of the music, each one with a musical style different, they unite their talent and beauty. It is Chiquis Rivera and Becky G. Together they promote the song Jolene, which was recorded for the first time by Dolly Parton, and form part of the new album of Chiquis.
To Chiquis Rivera and Becky G are joined by a friendship that transcends the simple affinity. Both were born in the united States but through their veins runs blood mexican.
The theme Jolene is now available on the digital platforms, is the first single in promotion of the third album Chiquis launched, called Playlist.

Alejandro Lerner launches version of “Change the world” in 11 languages

“You can change the world, just in a moment” begins with the theme that Alejandro Lerner composed in 2003. Today, 17 years later, the artist submitted a new version, but this time with the collaboration of young people from 12 countries: Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Palestine, Russia, France, Korea, India, Israel, Italy, the united States and Germany, which recorded their voices and images in their respective homes. Each collaboration is done in the native language of the artist, giving to the song of 11 languages.
The issue is part of a project of the singer next to the young artist Luke Edi and is for the benefit of Doctors Without Borders, to finance the response to the pandemic of coronavirus.

The estilacho Mari Rodriguez Ichaso came to CNN in Spanish

CNN Style expands with the well-known journalist, writer, producer and columnist Mari Rodriguez Ichaso, who gets to CNN in Spanish to review the latest trends in the world of fashion, beauty, the arts, gourmet cooking, architecture, and travel among many other topics of great interest. Starting this coming Monday, June 1, Rodríguez Ichaso will publish his new column for CNN Style: what’s New, which can be accessed in , where the journalist will share his personal experience with the designer and friend of Yves Saint Laurent.

Omar Courtz arrives “In your note” from the hand of Pitbull

Omar Courtz, the new star of the genre urban, surprises us with his new single In his note, a song that shows his great talent. “In your note” –presented under the label of Pitbull, Mr. 305 Records– comes with a lot of force and a rate without equal that invites you to dance from beginning to end. The theme is available in all platforms of digital music.

Zulia is imposed in Miami with a long swing

The singer zulia Andy Daboín is a name in the city of Miami as a singer. Newly released their new video clip for the theme Nice pa me, a merengue comes to setting trends among the lovers of music with urban style.
As you can see in the clip, the story that raises the material of Andy Daboín not just with the nearly four minutes of duration but that is the beginning of a love that you can have either, but with pace and a lot of swing. The clip was recorded entirely on location in the city of Miami and the residence of the artist in full pandemic.