The anguish of Ezequiel Garay: the former player of the selection, at war with his Spanish club


Garay is one of the figures from Valencia Source: AFP

All of which led to an impact on how he came out to defend the former player of the argentina team. The defender

Ezequiel Garay

he felt abused and said that warns

“a smear campaign” of the leaders of his club, Valencia

. The footballer, according to published some Spanish media,

he denied that he rejected a renewal offer with the club for 2.700.000 euros


In your account of Instagram, the argentine recorded a long video (12 minutes) in which he explained every detail of what happened with Valencia. Even in that statement, the footballer was very emphatic: “I Feel that there are people in the club who apparently have the intention to discredit me as a professional and as a person.”

Away from your selection after having been a starter in the World cup in Brazil, Garay went further: “I am very sorry to get to this point, but I am forced to do so by the smear campaign that is being done against my person; and I am not referring to the media.” Be warned that Garay was very tense in his statement: he asked forgiveness before you begin to read your letter. “I don’t have experience in front of a camera”, he said, despite the countless interviews he gave in his career. The context, evidently, was another.

The defender argentinian, 33 years old, not hidden how were the negotiations for the renewal of his contract with Valencia: “Everything goes when it leaks out that I’ve rejected a renewal offer of 2.7 million net euros and give to understand that I don’t want to stay. Both things are false,” he said. And he continued: “on The 13th of November the club asked me to through Jorge Lopez if I want to renew. I say yes with an oral offer lower than published and awaiting the contract. On the 7th of January, in Arabia, the president -Anil Murthy – he calls me to his room and that conversation changed the conditions to reach a new agreement,” he said.

The anguish of Ezequiel Garay, the former team player at war with his Spanish club.
The anguish of Ezequiel Garay, the former team player at war with his Spanish club. Credit: Screenshot from Instagram @ezequielgaray24

Garay, which in 2020 is injured in his left knee, right and then tested positive for coronavirus

even revealed what happened after his operation: “The 1 of February, I get hurt and I operate. I request that you can give me the low federal to sign another player and I agree. Ask about my renewal, but until today there is nothing. This is what has happened.”

Each word of the argentine was full of nervousness so that you are playing live: “As a worker I’m going to defend my rights, which have been altered by the club. I wanted to work in my reduction of wages, but the club wanted a greater reduction, a reduction of the working day when I was low health”.

And ended: “we do Not need to finish poorly. As a player, like more or less, but do see that for the money I don’t want to stay it seems unfair to me. I’ve always wanted to stay at this club. The Valencia has made me happy, but to continue does not depend on me.”