The challenge of buttocks of Angelina Jolie: what truth or verse?


The actress took the feed from your account in Instagram the challenge of a application of exercises that you bet to a magical solution to have a ponytail… struck Us, we have doubts, curiosity… and all I wanted to share with you. In addition, our authentic look fit about it.
An image of Angelina Jolie as shown in your account of Instagram. Photo: Instagram.

There are three options: the was hacked, they paid him millions of dollars or actually Angelina Jolie thinks that it is possible to grow and harden the buttocks in 30 days with an app

We will never know the behind of scenes of this film, but today the actress Maleficent was surprised with a post sooo unusual for her (that usually goes up content referred to their work) with the image of four buttocks. “Learn how to enlarge and harden your tail, unite with the challenge of 30 days of @fitonomyapp”, read the heading of the strange posting.

The curious posting in the feed of the superFoto: Instagram. star of Hollywood.

An app is “magical”

The account that Angelina referred to is called Fitonomy and it is an application of exercise, to lose weight, gain muscle and tone the body. In addition, the app offers plans nutritional. “After you answer a series of questions, you will see your custom workout and meal plans for free so that you can achieve your goal,” explain its developers.

The account of Fitonomy, with the challenge that also went to your account Angelina Jolie. Photo: Instagram.

We already know that the magic solutions don’t exist… And we do not believe that the ex of Brad Pitt is fooled easily. So we went to the source and we look at the list of accounts followed by the actress. Wow! Can you believe or follow? For this reason, we encourage you to bow for some of our first two hypotheses: the was hacked or it was a very good contract advertising.

Jolie uses Instagram to showcase their work and campaigns, and rarely makes reference to their “physical care”. Photo: Instagram.

You’ll already know. If you’re looking to change your physical do not fall with promises or sales miracle. Apps fitness can be delicious (and are increasingly chosen around the world for its practicality). However all of the achievements take time and effort. Never stop to consult with professionals who will controls near.

And sure that Angelina Jolie also has a medical team and fit that help you stay healthy.

Is it possible to believe that Angelina Jolie leaves your body in the hands of an app? Photo: Instagram.