The clues about the secret wedding of Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence has always been a very private person, and it may be that even for her wedding the actress has wanted to go unnoticed, because the Oscar winner and her fiance Cooke Maroney were seen at a civil registration office in the city of New York.

The pair appeared in casual clothes, Maroney used a white jersey, while Lawrence had a blazer and gray both had sunglasses. “When you go for your marriage license, and Jennifer Lawrence happens to you so that she can marry before your eyes. Yes children, the city is great. The place to go”, he said a tweet that was already deleted, according to the newspaper The New York Post.

According to the publication, the couple carrying in their hands various documents. According to the New York law, a couple has to marry within a period of 60 days after they have gotten their marriage license. Lawrence and Maroney were accompanied by friends, a couple of escorts and the recognized photographer Mark Seliger.

On the 16th of August Selinger released a portrait of Lawrence, in which he claimed that he was working with her. “I know strong. Don’t be a follower. Always do the right thing. If you have a choice between doing good or bad things, always do the right thing. Work with talent inspired as Jennifer is never boring, and little entertaining,” he wrote in his account of Instagram.

Although no representative, or the partner himself has pronounced on the matter, the section of entertainment of The New York Post, Page Six reported that the couple is scheduled to celebrate their nuptials in October.

Although he has not spoken much about it, Lawrence revealed on the podcast NAKED with Cat Sadler that he was moved to the idea of marrying Maroney, because with him, everything flowed in a very natural way in which they both took seriously their union, and joked with the idea of having it tied up legally.

With Cooke it was very organic. Before you know Cooke I was not ready to get married, but as soon as I met him I wanted to marry him. We wanted to get married and commit ourselves completely, is my best friend and I want to tether legally my, and fortunately the paperwork for something like that exists, that is the best. Find your favorite person on the planet and tells you that you can not go, so I wanted to take that offer“joked Lawrence.

“It is the best human being I’ve ever known, truly it is so, and each time it improves more. He began with the basic how do I feel?, what is nice, is friendly? I mean, I don’t know, I just know it’s the right one. I know that is stupid, but is the best person I have ever known, so I feel very honored to become a Maroney“, he confessed.

Responding to if you change the name of it, Lawrence answered that legally, yes it would take that roadyet in his profession aferrara to their surname of birth.

“I’m not going to ask you all to do a 180 degree change after eleven years”, said the star of “The Hunger Games”.

When he spoke of the plans to celebrate your wedding, did not mention any specific date, but yes, he spoke of how easy it had been to all the planning.

I’m not nervous about the wedding I have been in a good place, I’ve not been neurotic about it, I’m too lazy to be neurotic. I saw a dress that I liked and I said that it was the perfect dress. I saw the place and was great. I’ve only had a girlfriend Godzilla, because I thought I wanted to have a bachelorette party and last minute I decided that yes I wanted it but nobody could”added.

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