The “devastating” picture of Katy Perry in leggings: “how Many kilos he has gained?”


January 13, 2020
(14:10 CET)

Once more the social networks, you have played a trick on Katy Perry. In fact, there have been the paparazzi who, again, have ‘caught’ the singer strolling by The Angels and then there have been several followers of the american who has posted the images on some of the many parallel accounts dedicated to the singer.

The problem is that in the images we can see Katy with a little of those ‘ride’, that is to say, comfortable clothes with which you can go for a walk in this case with a friend. And of course, taking into account that many are not accustomed to seeing Perry so, the criticisms have been widespread.

The outfit of Katy Perry

On the one hand by the outfit in question, which has generated comments like “My mother goes very spin” or “you can go very easily, without having to go in tracksuit bottoms or leggings”. Is more, have been precisely the leggings that have generated a spate of very negative comments by his haters.

And is that, if it is usual that the detractors of the singer to take advantage of any opportunity to load up against her with very negative comments in the network, when an image appears as well in which the pair of Orlando Bloom looks in leggings, the cracks are accentuated.

In this case also there is someone who has wanted to have an impact on the fact that it seems that this Christmas you have been sitting more than good to Katy. In fact, seeing the comments, many point to that has not cut a hair to satiate your appetite.

“doHow many kilos he has gained?”, “My mother is becoming worse,” “This woman is leaving too”, “Photo sledgehammer”, “And then there are many who argue that it has a tipazo…my mother, if that is huge” or “The leggings leave it to Katy Perry in evidence” are some of the many comments in this regard.

She, as usual, has opted to stay outside and continue enjoying your step by THE along to their friends. Well Katy.