The disastrous european tour of Nicki Minaj who is encolerizando to their fans


No one said that being a singer of international fame would be easy. And there are the gigantic world tours that embark to the stars to test their own stamina, physical and psychological as the patience of their thousands of fans. Tours global of the biggest names in the music industry involve a complex organization in terms of infrastructure and equipment that does not always work to the millimetre. At the end of the day it is about ambitious shows with high technological requirements and things can fail.

But the tour today is immersed Nicki Minaj is coming to another level in terms of complications is concerned. The artist may not be having worse luck since it began its tour of european on the 21st of February, a circuit that he is leading by a good number of cities on the continent along what was initially going to be a total of 20 different dates. But the problems do not stop succession.

And is that in just three weeks, the Trinidad and Tobago has already had to cancel three concerts in different sites. The first was in Bratislava, the second in Bordeaux, and the third, which was to take place today in Dublin. And of course, fans of the rapper begin to not hide his irritation at this series of unfortunate circumstances.

The impossibility of conducting the concert in Slovakia will be announced in a manner less abrupt. In fact it is produced ‘in situ’ and after three hours of waiting on the part of the attendees. The singer herself came on stage to give the announcement and later was commissioned to specify the reasons through Instagram. In a post that then the own Minaj blotted out, he said basically that the city lacked the capacity enough to accommodate the powerful technical system, you need to put your show.

A version that does not match with the one given by the promoterscritics argued that the stadium fulfilled perfectly all the requirements to put the show in motion and the cancellation had been given solely because of the singer and his “unknown reasons”. If this were not enough, the organisers wanted to finish clearing his name and ensuring that in 20 years they had not cancelled even a single concert and that figures from the likes of Depeche Mode or Rammstein had gone through there without any problems.

After the controversy in Bratislava, the situation was again repeated, made just a week in Bordeaux. And the rapper made a similar justification to that given in the Slovak capitaland wanted to clarify that everything is alien to his will since “I do not agree do not act, you lose money and annoy my fans”. After assuring that the stadium “did not give up three hours before” that “could not take over the show”, Nicki did the detail get closer to some of their fans to greet them and try to make up for the disappointment.

But to finish off the evils, was announced today in Dublin, the third cancellation in the tour of the artist, although this time the fault was the weather conditions. So it has been officially announced by the promoter of the event in a press release that explains that the heavy rains have affected the navigation of the irish sea, causing three of the trucks with technical equipment from the show could not arrive in time. Again, the bad new was given only a few hours before the concert began, with much of the public is already installed in the enclosure. A public which, obviously, is becoming more and more outraged with the singer.

The hilarious response from the fans

In short, the only thing fun in this whole annoying series of incidents in the ‘Nicki Wrld Tour’ is being the reaction of some fans, who are tired of the shenanigans of the artist, they have decided to respond by pointing to where it hurts.

In Bordeaux was born the original replica, which today have been copied in Dublin: get out of the venue asking to cry peeled the presence of Cardi B, the arch-enemy and greatest rival in the struggle for the crown of the feminine rap of Minaj.