The fun-filled reunion between Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa after ‘Game of Thrones’


If there is something that is characterized ‘Game of Thrones’at the margin of their epic battles, or their unexpected and bloody death, was by the complex (and sometimes disturbing) dynamics that justify the relations between their many characters. Were unso few tandems of the series that awakened a fascination of the fans, and between them, the couple formed by the leader of the Dothraki, Khal Drogo and the Mother of Dragons, Daenerys Targaryen, remains one of the most celebrated despite its transience on the screen.

Clarke took advantage of the impending birthday of your partner to dedicate a nice message to the networks: “You feel that I measure two feet”began the text of the actress in reference to the great height difference between the two, “HAPPY PUÑETERO BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART! A giant bath of happiness for another year of it”. And this last sentence of ‘Khalessi’ acquires a fun sense if you take into account the photos you’ve posted in the same publication on your appointment with Momoa.

In one of them, the couple leaves with a tight hug, wearing two radiant smiles, in a sort of hall inside of floor tiles. But in the second image, Clarke appears as entered, dressed and in position, very comfortable, in a huge bath-marble, circular. It is difficult to guess where it was quoted to the couple and what was exactly the plan of your meeting, but certainly the domestic object gave of himself enough for that the actress coined several references to ‘Game of Thrones’ through the series of fun hashtags that finished off your post.

“Moon of my life my sun and stars” (the nickname affectionate fiction with the named partner), “finally a bath large enough to bathe a dragon” and “after ruined because I spent all my money in a bubble bath”. But beyond the mysterious unknown of the bath in particular, interpreters have returned to make clear the great friendship that kept after they met in the filming of the legendary series. Momoa went in fact to visit the set of the last seasonas Clarke left to see in his Instagram months ago, and very held was also the video of the actor reacting to one of the final episodes, and cheering on her “woman” in the fiction.