The hacker who published the intimate photos of Jennifer Lawrence you will go to jail


In 2014, several private pictures of celebs such as Kate Uptown, Kristen Dunst and Jennifer Lawrence were hacked of their accounts iCloud and leaked on the internet.

The publication of these photos violated the privacy of all involved, many people were involved in the incident and the actresses asked the public not to share their photos if it is received some.

What is the greatest fear of Jennifer Lawrence?

The FBI and Apple they opened an investigation to discover the perpetrators of the spread of these photos: “We take the privacy of our customers very seriously and we are investigating these claims actively,”assured both institutions to open up the case.

“She had a lot of fear. Just because I’m a public figure, because I am an actress that does not mean that they have the right to do this. It is my body and should be my decision and the fact that it is not my choice is absolutely disgusting. I can’t believe that we live in this kind of world,” said for his part Jennifer Lawrence.

Shortly after it was discovered that George Garofano was the hacker who committed the violation of privacy of the actresses and, after 4 years from that arose the case, was sentenced to eight-month prison sentence in a federal prison. In addition, it will serve 3 years of supervision. In addition George, other four hackers participated in the theft, but their identities still have not been confirmed.