The messages that have been uncovered that Millie Bobby Brown already has her first boyfriend


Like his character Eleven in the series Stranger thingsactress Millie Bobby Brown could be living his first teenage romance in real life next to the singer of 15 years Jacob Sartorius.

According to the magazine Us Weeklythe two-star youth have spent a lot of time together over the past few months, and even say that they celebrated Christmas along with her family in Disney World (Florida).

Millie Bobby Brown Jacob Sartorius
This photo with Millie Bobby Brown was published on Instagram Stories Jacob Sartorius.

Outside of the rumors, it is certain that Millie, 13 years old -complies 14 in February, and Jacob maintained a friendship for months. Without going further, in October of last year, the actress shared in the section Stories of his Instagram a photo with the singer and since then have exchanged comments through this platform on several occasions.

But the first speculations about the possibility of both of them were living a nice dating emerged this January, when she gave him ‘like’ a tweet from Jack in which he confessed: “Another day with you in my head”, after which Millie shared a snapshot next to a teddy bear next to the emoji of a heart and the message: “Thanks for the bear,” to which he replied: “of course”, accompanied by the same emoji.

Unlike Millie, who became known thanks to the hit series of Netflix, Jacob has made its fame through the social networks: by posting first videos, doing play-back issues famous in the app that made him one of their stars, the more popular the platform, after which he got his first recording contract to begin his musical career in 2016.

For its part, the actress has become one of the great stars of the time, despite his young age, due in large part to a careful public image that combines so masterly a maturity unusual in a teenager and the determination not to grow up before time, to the time that avoids any kind of scandal, and is emerging as a model to follow.

“The day I shaved the head [para dar vida a Once] it was the most empowering of my life,” writes one of the many messages motivational sharing on their networks, controlled -as she herself has recognized – by his brothers. “At the time fell on the last lock of my hair, my face was exposed and I could no longer hide behind my hair as I used to do. I looked in the mirror and I realized that he had only one goal to achieve… to Inspire others. Raparte the head is liberating, you don’t need to have hair to be beautiful. You are handsome on the inside; I’ve also learned that”, he claimed.