The mini dress goldtone with huge crystals that Shakira presumed her curves


The singer has a great style that falls in love with his fans.

At age 43, Shakira looks better than ever and has a perfect figure and a complexion free of wrinkles and beautiful.

The singer falls in love with every one of their outfits, but one of her looks has charmed its followers and turns to be trend this 2020.

During the launch of his album El Dorado in 2017, the singer stole looks with an extravagant mini dress goldtone with huge crystals that bragged about his slender figure and tonificadas legs

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Today 26 of may, the album ‘The Gold’ turns 3 years since its launch in 2017! An album inspired by his personal life and experiences with Gerard ? . “All my life, had pressed so many things in my personal life to follow my dreams, my career dreams, to become an artist successful. And suddenly, things changed, and I saw myself as a mother, with a family with which she had dreamed since she was a child and then, when I realized that the creator within me was also asking to be considered, my music became my escape. The study became the place to let a little steam off, away from everyday life as a mother -it became my hobby and then it became a pleasure, as all hobbies are like that now music is my hobby Oh, I never thought that I was going to say that!” . . #shakira #2017 #eldorado #eldoradoalbum #anniversary #3years #colombia #shakiracolombia #shakifans #queenoflatinpop #redcarpet #launch #gold #oldbutgold

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The singer also took his hair extra long loose, with a bow height that covered half of his mane.

Without a doubt, this has been one of their best looks, which has been recently recalled by a fan, highlighting the big style of the colombian.

“OMG that dress of Sheki is the most top”, “I need a dress so elegant as that of Shakira”, “I love it when she dresses well”, “she is too beautiful look at that body without operate and perfect”, and “she is the proof that yes there may be women perfect natural”, were some of the comments in networks.

During the quarantine, the singer has shown her natural beauty in their networks, posing in her pajamas, her hair messy and without make-up, unleashing gasps at his fans.

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