the new reason to believe in their (possible) reconciliation


Few stories put the whole world as of agreement as of Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt. Twenty years after his wedding, one of the former partners more idolized by the public continues to give of what to speak. Since my parents divorced in 2005 and subsequently the actor began a relationship with Angelina Jolie, with whom he formed a media family, the fans ‘Braniston’ waited eleven long years until the couple divorced and resurgiese the possibility of reconciliation with the protagonist of Friends. After all this time, the former spouse’s most-loved Hollywood continues to maintain a respect and a mutual affection that, inevitably, makes the alarms about a possible approach to jump every time that match in public. Proof of this are the samples of complicity, which the star shared on both the recent Golden Globes as in the gala of the SAG Awards, able to set in motion the imagination of those who want their romance. Is the latest demonstration of his -possible – union? Both they share the same stylists.


At the beginning of the year the performers were rumors when in the gala of the awards Golden Globes Jennifer did not hold back, to show his joy, and even excitement, for the award for Best supporting Actor that received the one that was her husband for Once upon a time in…Hollywood. And setting that maintain a great relationship, their meeting filled with laughter and gestures of complicity in the backstage the SAG Awards, barely ten days ago, has finished raising all kinds of suspicions about if the actors are more than friends. Therefore, it is not surprising that the fact that they share the same stylists then blow up the controversy.


It is the sisters Nina and Clare Hallworthtwo of the stylists are more influential on the current scene in Hollywood, who were in charge of the looks of high impact that have led to the actress dazzle on every red carpet and has been coined as the powerful Jen in Blackthanks to their iconic outfits black. In addition to clothing and to the other actors of the stature of Kirsten Dunst, Jake Gyllenhaall or Patrick Dempseythe sisters are behind the latest outfits more sophisticated Brad Pitt. Since his last campaign as image of signature Italian luxury Brioni until his appearance in the Film Festival of Venice or the Cannes film Festivalthe actor has decided to trust in the creators of the characteristic style of his ex-wife to show their elegance.


With the eyes of half the world posts in the actors and in every motion, professional and personal, that make, it is logical that this detail can be interpreted by his followers as a symbolic and contributes to the desire general there are Jennifer and Brad return to star in the eternal ‘Braniston’. What will be the next step in this long-awaited history? Only time will answer.