The reason why there is a neuron in the human brain with the name of Jennifer Aniston


The image of the actress was instrumental in a study conducted by the California Institute of Technology.

Jennifer Aniston not only rips sighs with every one of his public appearances. The impact is so great, that there is even a neuron with its name.

A study conducted by scientists at the California Institute of Technology, showed that there are neurons focused to react to a specific person. The experts were looking for the evidence that the brain uses a reduced number of cells to decode an image constructed in our mind.

The research involved people with epilepsy, who offered as volunteers. To them were implanted with a device to control the activity of brain cells, as part of their treatment. At the same time, showed them to 2,000 different photographs.

Through this instrument it was discovered that there are specific cells located within the medial temporal lobe that are involved in aspects of sophisticated visual processing at the time of identifying a person.

This finding is named as “the neuron of Jennifer Aniston”, since it was found that a certain cell is activated strongly when participants were exposed to the image of the actress, but that same neuron would not respond to another stimulus.

This means that brain cells can be linked directly to a specific concept, and not only happens with the famous, also with the people close to us, luggage Vix.

It means that each friend or family member has a neuron specialized within the brain. In addition, it passes the same process to recognize places that we already know.