The revenge of Nicki Minaj against the television network that laughed at her after the Grammys


Are already many years that rapper Nicki Minaj is wearing in the first row of the public scene. It could be said that the enough to knowing the genius of the artist, and the fact that you do not fuck with punches, especially in regards to his music and his career. Talked-about are the disagreements that you have had for issues competitive with other singers such as Travis Scott, on which he went on to say directly that “would stick in the fucking face.” Case apart was the episode of months ago in which he ended up coming to the hands of their biggest rival today, also a rapper Cardi B.

And something of this there is in the middle of the new battle of Nicki for securing his throne and his dignity in the bloody music industry. The last outburst of the Trinity has its origin in the gala of the Grammys Sunday, when precisely Cardi B is taken up the Award for Best rap Album of the year. An achievement that has not gotten any soloist to dateand that gives some relief to the tense struggle for the crown of female gender between Minaj and the young man in the Bronx.

The string BET, a leading north american content to the public afroamercano, wanted to take this dangerous tension to make a grace that has left the cylinder head. And is that the announcement of the triumph of Cardi at the Grammy wore those responsible for the networks of the television channel to publish the explosive tweet that has sparked the desire of revenge Nicki. The post had an article about the historic achievement of Cardi accompanied by a phrase that, in English, more or less could be translated thus: “in the meantime, Niki Minaj is being dragged by her wig”.

A comment offensive to the that the singer has contratacado step-by-step and so lethal. In the first place, canceling slam his performance in the concert series for the summer that he had closed with the string, and announcing that neither she nor his label, Young Money, participate in any way in the awards show organised by the TV company. Then, the young rapper decided to use the words employed by the tweet of BET against you, upping your platform a series of screenshots of users by requiring the channel to apologise to her, and adding the text “Meanwhile, BETH is being pulled by the wig” next to a smiley smiling, confirming that he who laughs the last laughs best.

The completion of the boycott proclaimed by Nicki, this would not be the only casualty of the poster, if not that the singer Lil Wayne is also ausentaría of gala belonging to the label Young Money. What is most paradoxical is that in the series of concerts that had signed with them, the artist would share the stage with precisely Cardi B.