The singer Halsey and other famous are in addition to the protests in the united States


Halsey he joined the protests for the murder of George Floyd, an african american man who was attacked by police in Minnesota for allegedly, pay with a fake banknote. A cash neutralized with his knee on the neck, for nine minutes, and died of suffocation. The last thing you managed to say was: “I can Not breathe”. Other celebrities, such as Melanie Martinez, joined the street demonstrations in several parts of the United States.

Ashley Frangipane (his birth name) has posted on his Instagram a words in tribute to Floyd. He said that the man was unarmed, and asked the fans to share the information. “If you have friends and family that have the privilege to be away from this kind of news, leave that damn privilege,” said the girl of 25 years.

The interpreter of Gasoline urged to elevate the voices of the members of the black community expressing their fear, outrage, and sorrow. Also invited from your Instagram to sign a petition for justice. He stressed that the officers responsible for the murder have been laid off, but receive a paid license. “It is not enough punishment for a crime. They should be prosecuted,” he stressed.

Halsey he insisted in his journal that if he persists in silence, contributes to that the problem persists. “I’m updated on my Twitter if you’re looking for more resources and information,” he said adding that had a link for donations to african-american people. In addition to this publication, and conveyed from their stories of Instagram their participation in the protests.

The singer of Control it is in new york and was activated in his city, which have been agglomerated in a full pandemic. Many users on Twitter were shocked because there were people kneeling on the floor, in full repression. Since Monday, when they killed Floyd, the masses took to the streets. Demand the respect for human rights and condemn the racism that still prevails in the united States.