The star soccer Alex Morgan, is on the cover of Time magazine



The leader of the women’s soccer team of the united States, Alex Morgan, had the June issue on the cover of Time magazine. Alex was always very clear that it would be professional player of football and such which I got now is a phenomenon.

When he turned eight years of age, she left a post-it to his mother in which he wrote: “Hello mom! My name is Alex and I’m going to be a professional athlete in soccer”the message signed as “Ali Cat”.

Letter from Alex to his mamáCarta from Alex to his mom
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Morgan started playing soccer elite at the age of 14. His speed and ability to score goals gave him a scholarship to the University of California, Berkeley, where he graduated with a degree in political economy and there was where she met her future husband, the midfielder of The los Angeles Galaxy, Servando Carrasco, who also played for the school.

Morgan during the game in which he scored his goal number 100.Morgan during the game in which he scored his goal number 100
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It became a key piece in the gold medal team in 2012 Olympic Games. His winning goal in the semi-final against Canada (a second before the end time) made it pass into history in football.

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Alex Morgan #13, Lauren Holiday #12, Abby Wambach #20 and Whitney Engen #6Alex Morgan #13, Lauren Holiday #12, Abby Wambach #20 and Whitney Engen #6 with the World Cup after beating Japan 5-2.
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In the interview I conducted talks about his fight for the respect and money they deserve women. Somehow, the fight for equality is won little by little. “To see women supporting other women on a higher level is quite special”, he said. “We need to capitalize on that now.”