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The physical change radically Adele surprised everyone. After posting a picture on his birthday, 32, which looks a slender figure, the media and their fans reacted immediately.

According to a source, the british singer lost more than 45 kilos (about 100 pounds) after separating from her husband, Simon Konecki, with whom was married for three years and had a son, Angelo, who currently has 7 years old, is noted in a publication of the web portal The Avant-Garde.

You have not missed any who ask how they got Adele to lose weight, what did or what do I do to lose those extra pounds. Now, the doctor who accompanied her in this process, Dominique Fradin-Read, has revealed the recommendations that followed the artist to achieve this transformation.

“Start by telling my patients that when it comes to losing weight, diet and exercise alone will not be sufficient in the majority of cases”, explained the specialist Us Weekly. Fradin-Read refers to that when diets are not controlled by an expert, usually are not carried properly, the person ends up failing and with the so-called rebound effect, which recovers or increases even more weight.

“I try to make it visual and make all of them imagine a plate divided into several parts: green vegetables should occupy approximately two-thirds of the plate, protein of good source one-third and the last part is reserved to the carb”, he said. “You can also add some good fats, as olive oil, avocado or nuts.”

For the doctor, losing weight is a holistic process in which many factors are included, by this not only takes into account the weight of the person, but also collects information on its metabolic role, insulin, hormones, thyroid, cortisol, stress, sleep, mental health and food habits. “When you deal with all these elements, we can then begin a personalized diet,” he said.

We have talked about some of the methods that Adele would have resorted to weight loss, such as pilates and diet Sirtfood, however the specialist recommended to follow the mediterranean diet and the system of gastronomic cuisine for weight loss of the chef, Michel Guérard. (I)