The ‘twin brother’ of Kendall Jenner gets his own reality show


The vast majority of the Kardashian-Jenner and their relatives -including brothers-in-law, partners and ex – have staged or participated in at least one of the spin-off the reality show ‘Keeping Up With the Kardashians’, and now finally he has touched the turn to shine on the small screen to the twin of Kendall Jenner called Kirby Jenner.

In reality, the famous model does not account for any other brother more than the eight major that is part paternal and maternal, and the young of the family, Kylie. However, since four years ago an account of Instagram attributed to such a Kirby Jenner has been devoted to documenting, with great success the adventures fake of a tenth member of the clan that is presented as the twin brother of the star of the catwalks.

That profile has over a million followers! Among which is the own Kendall, and its success is based on the publication a parody of photographs of the young that have been digitally altered to add in them Kirby Jenner. Up to now responsible for managing that account has never been out of his character and therefore it is unknown his true identity.