This is what is Millie Bobby Brown as the Hollywood industry


Since the world saw Millie Bobby Brown in Stranger Things he has predicted a resounding success in his professional career due to his great talent.

There is No doubt that from last year that debuted the series, all the protagonists began to be under the reflectors, and reached millions of followers on social networks in a matter of months. What to say of Wynona Ryder?, who resurfaced from oblivion to become a star worshipped by all. But, you have to be realistic, who has shone a little more than the others, without a doubt, this is Millie.

What few know is his story… The star of 13 years was born in Marbella, Spain, but moved to England at the age of 3. His family was about to be in bankruptcy, but sold everything to support her in her career, after moving to the united States.

Currently, Millie is worth around 3 million dollars, this is all thanks to her role as “Eleven” in the famous series of Netflixin addition a contract with IMG Models and Talknot forgetting the gains that lets you the use of their social networks.