To Cardi B got the spirit of Juanga and sang “Eternal Love”


The video that you did not know you needed comes with Cardi B and “Eternal Love”.

If you had doubts about the talent of Cardi B, the rapper decided to show the world that not only knows how to throw the “coronavairus”, and that will also go to the ranchera style Juan Gabriel with “Eternal Love”.

Cardi B it is one of the female rappers more popular of recent times and since his arrival to the industry has become the focus of attention, although not always for things over the music.

This time, however, he shared on Instagram a video live, drinking a few drinks to pass the time while he sang some rolitas, and was there when she pulled out all the latinpower and sang “Eternal Love” of Juan Gabriel.

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Eternal Love” it is one of the most popular songs from Spanish-speaking and has sat on my bum more than a heart with their emotions.

Although it is a composition of 100% of Juanga, it became popular when Rocío Dúrcal he performed it for the first time in 1984, that is, 10 years after the singer-songwriter’s to publish them.

And Cardi B showed in his video that, although its mere mole is the rap or do videos that become viral so funny that it is, is also able to reach the heart of thousands of people through the rancher or the ballads.

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Because their fans were grateful that he had this gesture with all the people that follow it, since a lot of fans are not from the united States and this showed that it is possible to unite all the people in the same song.

Although the last album that pulled out Cardi B it was in 2018, have recently collaborated on the remix of “The Baby” with Anuel AA and Black Jonas Point, and although it has not said when it will bring something new, people are expected to include the cover of “Eternal Love” or I got a new video.