To Johnny Depp you would like to interpret the “Cantinflas” in movies


Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” it is one of the iconic characters in Mexico, and his talent came so far that in much of the world know him, his character has captivated millions of people, among them at the same Johnny Depp who wants to star in the biopic “Cantinflas”.

Mario Moreno del Moral, grandson of the actor, said in an interview for the program Window that some time ago had a conversation with Johnny Depp, in which, the american confessed he was a big fan of your grandfather, and that for him it would be an honor to be able to interpret the “Mime of Mexico” in his own movie.

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“We were recording and Jordi (a friend of Depp) tells you. Hey you know who is Cantinflas, he said yes and that was when he introduced us, Johnny came and told me, much like Johnny and I said to him, happy my name is Mario and I says, oh your name is like your grandfather, and for me that was amazing because he not only knows that Cantinflas es Cantinflas but Mario Moreno,” he said.

Moreno also admitted that after a long talk the interpreter of large characters such as “Hands of scissors” or “Jack Sparrow”, he confessed as he met the figure of “Cantinflas”.

“Whenever Johnny has moments to relax, or go on a trip we really like the beaches in mexico, then came to Mexico and went on television, I always saw this character in different movies, and he says, ‘I don’t speak Spanish perfectly, but you know as an actor how is the acting, although you do not speak the same language, as the feelings beyond the screen, as the laughter is something super powerful”, he added.

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To finish, Mario said that that same night, Olga Segura, a producer and mexican actress was the one who asked if there would be the possibility of making a film in that language would be English or Spanish, to which Johnny added:

‘If that movie some day make it in English have you with a an actor.”

Currently do not know more details about the biopic, but Mario Moreno are very proud of the talent of his grandfather has come so high that the same Johnny Depp wants to interpret it.