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It takes more than 350 million views on You Tubeafter its premiere on November 7, 2019 and in Ecuador occupies the since 1 of the 50 most viral, according to Spotifyand the same place it is on Deezer, in the daily listthe topic Tusa of the colombian Karol G28-year-old, who plays along with the rapper Nicki Minaj, 37.

The topic has generated a feeling in the seguiores of the artists. Through their social networks, Karol G have shared videos in which his followers carried out interpretations of the theme.

What is the meaning of tusa?

Carolina Giraldo Navarro, real name of the artist, explained the meaning of cob, and why he put this title to the topic. “Tusa is a word very colombianthat was what I drew a lot of attention to put this name to the song. And we say cob when a person has a fit of pique, and I think that is more than a fit of pique, is jilted by someone, not you can overcome a person in love, and one says: ‘that person is entusada’,” he said.

Work with Nicki Minaj

The interpreter also told how did the collaboration with Minaj. “I went to Nicki Minaj for a long time and she’s like, more or less, in June-July of this year (2019) I started to follow on Instagram. For a while I saw that she commented, gave likes to my post, I then took the initiative, I wrote that I wanted to do a song with her, she loved the idea,” he said.

As a great opportunity qualified when you got to work with Onika Tanya Maraj, real name of Minaj, as Karol G had on your list to a few names to work on this issue, and yet was not in his plans to sing with her. “I felt that Nicki was at a level that I had to work a little bit to be able to reach. Is a woman leader, strong and judgment, I, too, am a woman as well, then we connect well, I put the wand very high and overcome this project is rather complicated. I feel that we did a great song, a great video…”, he emphasized.

During the recording of the video clip, according to the colombian, spent amazing. In addition he stressed that Minaj was interested in interpreting the chorus in Spanish. “We were almost all the recording teaching her how to sing the chorus in Spanish…”, he said.

What is expressed by Karol G, and Nicki Minaj on the topic?

“The power and the strength Karol G and Nicki Minaj… If people see the video each element has a meaning. The fact that I am dressed in all pink, all of the video is pink, it expresses the sweetness, all the femininity of who we are,” he said.

“The fact that the video has things luxurious and ostentatious in a way that we can have what we want. We are women that we have also achieved many things with which we have worked. It was also very important to me to put other women as you see in the beginning (of the video) with me, we are between us, we’d play, that is to say of a certain show that support that we give when we are in a situation like the ‘husk’. When one is entusado, jilted, to the first person who seeks is the best friend, all the friends are the supporters of… this is how I figured it in the song,” he added.

On the horses that appear in the video clip said that mean “wisdom, power, and strength.” “I put them in a fantasy world, because all of the people as such have those dreams, that place where we want to go. Then all the elements of the video of Cob, of truth are not there because I wanted to make a video so pink, cute, but because you really mean something to me, to the story of the song”, he reiterated. (E)