Valerie Dominguez, a first-of-Shakira, cleaning in lingerie


The colombian got a sexy set to clean the shower and took a surprise through the window

Valerie Dominguez, a first-of-Shakira, cleaning in lingerie

Valerie Domínguez.

Robyn Beck / AFP via Getty Images

Valerie Domínguez is an actress colombian through Instagram has experienced a uncover impressive. And a few hours ago, gave most of it to their fans to share three images that appear doing the cleaning inside the shower, but with lingerie.

The actress who is also known for being the cousin of Shakira, wears a set of white color with black, which has hints of lace on the base of the breasts and the panties cachetero.

But the trio of images corresponding to a story, and that is according to Valerie through the window he could see his neighbor. “Without wanting wanting” the first of Shakira caught on the full rumba.

Remember that to the international level, colombia also became well-known thanks to the series “Men las prefieren Brutas” who starred next to the actor Juan Pablo Raba.

Here is a video in which you can appreciate the performance of Valerie Domínguez next to the protagonist of “Mi Gorda Bella”.