WATCH: When Venus Williams criticized the referee of chair least favorite of Serena Williams


There are many instances of Serena Williams losing the calm on the tennis court. However, I rarely see her older sister Venus Williams to get angry.

In general, Venus is seen as a player of head cold. That is why his emotional side is not so pronounced. However, it is not that Venus has always been a receiver noise errors of arbitrators.

The Australian Open of 2008 saw one of those cases in which Venus lost a full in the court. While playing in a doubles match with her sister Serena Williams, Venus was angered by an error very obvious to the referee. Things calentarían both the wrath of Serena palidecería in comparison.

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Why are you angry Venus Williams?

The referee failed to call a ball that is clearly visible that was landing out in the first service. This would hurt Venus Williams the wrong way, as he criticized the referee for negligence.

You can listen to it clearly telling the referee: “why are you here if you can’t call the ball?” Interestingly, the arbitrator in question does not have the best history with the Williams sisters. Eva Asderaki has had heated arguments with Serena Williams on two occasions.

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At the US Open 2011, Serena would call it “anti-Serena” by calling it repeatedly. This is echoed in the infamous final of the US Open 2018 against Naomi Osaka. The repeated protests of Serena against Eve took all the fans to abuchearla in a point.

Needless to say, you do not have the best relationship with the chair umpire Greek. However, it is important to note that none of them can be considered completely at fault in the situation. There are errors on both sides that lead to misunderstandings. One thing is clear when Venus Williams is angry, you have committed the error. It is best to quietly accept your fault.