What Anuel feel envy? Look at what you will do to take the place of Bad Bunny


The musical genre of reggaeton anda dizzying rhythms and the time to absorb an album to another album is very short. Given the recent success of the “rabbit’s bad,” the self-styled “king of trap”, Anuel, will launch today its album most powerful to date.

What does the name of the album? Is the name of ‘Emmanuel’ name of stack Anuel AA, reggaetonero, which bills itself as “the best ragman alive.” The singer bet for several featurings on his album that debuts on Friday 29 may at midnight, and among them is the figure of Bad Bunny in a couple of collaborations.

“Are you ready? It tomorrow at midnight! That talk music” is the ad you placed to vibrate to all the followers to Enter. “I hold a beast!” says one of the fans; Enrique Iglesias said, “Let’s go champ!”. It portends a large number of visualizations, and how being in the house? it does not come nothing wrong!

It seems that the artists are building up a list of songs ready to rumble the clubs around the world in times post-virus. Among those that resonate with you, even more, that who claims to be the best in the trap, it is the ‘Rabbit Bad’ who stands at the same level or even a seat above according to the numbers on YouTube.

22 tracks loaded with the potential for collaborations with Tego Calderon, Farruko, Lil Wayne, Travis Baker, Ozuna, J Balvin, Daddy Yankee, and his bride Becky G. It is expected that the album is at the height of their words and the cover, at least, it will according to them.

More than two million reactions in less than 24 hours extolling the waiting from the album ‘Emmanuel’, it includes that long-awaited song that would have spread Bad Bunny in a live Instagram ‘So am I’, and that would have generated suspicions by not being included in ‘Not Going Out ‘ album surprise that the publication of the author of ‘She perrea single” days ago.