Who is the athlete female highest paid in the 2020?


According to the magazine Forbes, Naomi Osaka it has become the athlete female highest paid in the world, thereby dislodging Serena Williams. Between the June 1, 2019 and what will 2020, the tennis player japan has pocketed 37.4 million dollars (about 34 million euros), surpassing also the record earnings in a year that had Maria Sharapova.

All it has achieved in a very short time, as only two seasons in which he won his first Grand Slamthe United States open.

Who is Osaka?

Of a haitian father and japanese mother, was born in Osaka, but at age 3 moved to United States. He first lived in Long Island and then in Florida, where he began to play tennis along with her older sister Mary.

Despite having dual nationality, chose to represent Japan. Turned professional at 16 years of age and its explosion came in 2016, when it was chosen appearance of the season in the WTA. In 2018 would the title of Indian Wells and the U.s. Open to Serena Williams.

He got his first contracts with various brands and was the image of Adidasthat she was paid between 7 and 9 million euros annual.

After winning the U.s. open 2018, Osaka was also the Australian Open of 2019 and it became the number 1 in the world.

He is currently signed with Nike, his contract lasts until 2025, and the japanese will receive 10 million dollars each year. In addition, is planning to launch its own line of urban wear clothing for the end of this 2020.

Osaka has agreements with up to 15 different companies that represent the majority of their income. Among the more important contracts which he has signed recently are the ones that will link with the sports drink BodyArmor, the company technology Hyperice or the brand of headphones Muzik.

Last year Osaka, fulfilling the laws of his country, he renounced the american citizenship to represent Japan in the Olympic games of Tokyo, deferred until 2021, and that has become one of their main ambassadors, which also has entailed important economic benefits.

All of this, added to the 7 million dollars in awards that it got on the track in 2019, we have become the athlete female highest paid in the world.