Who is the new boyfriend of Rihanna, ASAP Rocky?


Less than a month ago it became known that Rihanna had terminated their relationship with the billionaire arab Hassan Jameel and has already emerged a new love.

International media claim that the singer already has a new conquest and this is the rapper A$AP Rocky. The principal evidence for this claim is that the artists shared a hotel suite during a trip to New York.

The couple attended a couple of concerts in the city they were seen together on several occasions. To the naked eye, this would not reveal anything because they have a friendship for years.

According to a source in the Sun newspaper, Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have begun to come together but still, it’s nothing serious.

Rihanna is reluctant to put a label to their relationshipsince it is too soon after his separation from Hassan. Rihanna and A$AP Rocky enjoy each other’s company, but they are taking things calmly,” said the source according to review of Cosmopolitan.

Such is the level of secrecy of “Riri” that his relationship with Hassan Jameel for 3 years was never confirmed, although they were seen together publicly.

Who is the new boyfriend of Rihanna, A$AP Rocky?

The american musician of 31 years he was also the boyfriend of Kendall Jenner. His real name is Rakim Mayers and was born in New York in 1988.

In 2013, they are also related because they were seen on several occasions kissing in public. However, neither Rihanna nor A$AP Rocky confirmed the relationship.

Last year, the name of Rocky sounded with greater force in the united States when he was charged for assaulting a 19 year old man, that supposedly had been following. The artist threw him to the ground and stepped on the arm of the young. The evidence presented was not sufficient to stop him and only sentenced to suspended sentence with order of presentation for two years.

ASAP Rocky is an acronym that has different meanings: “Always Strive and Prosper” (Always Strive and Prosper), “Assassinatig Snitches and Police” (Assassinating Snitches and Police), and “Acronym Symbolizing Any Purpose” (Acronym Symbolizing Any Purpose).

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