A multitude of sportsmen are pronounced by the death of George Floyd


Do you understand now or you still see blurry? Remains awake”. LeBron James he accompanied this message in his account of Instagram a montage with two images. In a looked to the Minneapolis police with the knee above the neck George Floydthe citizen african-american whose death at the hands of the agent of the order has provoked a wave of protests and incidents in the united States. The other looks at the exquarterback of the San Francisco 49ers Colin Kaepernick kneeling before a match during the intonation of the anthem of the united States. Gesture that catapulted him into fame and turned him into an icon while he was despised by all the teams of the NFL. James and Kaepernick have taken sides as a large visible faces of the athletes after the last episode of police violence against african-americans.

The Avant-Garde ensures that Kaepernick has created a foundation to help people who are detained in the riots and has stated that they will pay the lawyers. “In the struggle for liberation, there is always retaliation. We must protect our Freedom Fighter. We started a legal defense initiative to provide legal representation to Freedom Fighters in Minneapolis,” he announced. The former player didn’t stop here and added: “When the civic acts lead us to the death, the revolts are the only logical response. The so-called peace will fall, and when they do you will find deaf ears, because your violence has brought this resistance. We have the right to return to fight. Lies, George Floyd”. His gesture of kneeling was mimicked yesterday by the football player of Borussia Mönchengladbach Marcus Thuram, which held as its goal. He is the son of exazulgrana Lilian Thuram, a standard-bearer of the fight against racism.

But James, inside of a NBA always more progressive and sensitive to these issues than the conservative NFL, and Kaerpernick have not been the only nor much less to put your position crystalline form. A classic advocate of civil rights, because the comes to claiming from the decade of the 60, is the exbaloncestista Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who wrote a very harsh article in The los Angeles Times. “We die at a rate much higher than whites, we are the first to lose our jobs, and we see helpless how the republicans try to change the rules to not vote. It seems that has opened the hunting season on black people and the president (Donald) Trump made that clear when he called thugs on the demonstrators and said that will shoot the looters. Racism in America is like dust in the air: it is not seen, though it is choking. The virus of racism that infects the country is more deadly than the coronavirus,” said the expívot. The article saw the light while he knew that the escort of the Boston Celtics Jayleen Brown had driven for 15 hours to get to Atlanta and lead a protest against the death of Floyd.

According To The Avant-Gardealso well-known figures in the sport of american ethnicity white have shown their disgust. In this sense, one of the first to do so was the coach of the Golden State Warriors, Steve Kerr, who subsequently railed against the president Trump. “Racists should not be presidents”, exploded the technician after the leader called “thugs” on protesters. It should be remembered that the Warriors of Kerr refused to visit the White House after crowned as champions. The footballer Alex Morgan, also white, wondered aloud: “What will be treated and respected as citizens of the united States regardless of their race or gender?”.

More shocking was the video of the promise of the tennis world, the african-american Coco Gauff. The young man used the slogan “use my voice to fight against racism. How will you use yours?”. After you gave went to a few images with photos of Floyd and the other victims of black and at the end asked: “am I the next name?”.

The extenista Yannick Noah and the striker of Paris Saint-Germain Kylian Mbappe have joined all of these voices to demand justice for the death of George Floyd.”#JusticeForGeorge” (Justice for George) has been the message of Mbappe on his Twitter account. Meanwhile, Noah has posted a picture on Instagram wearing a t-shirt with the inscriptions “I can Not breathe”, a phrase that Floyd screamed while aprisionaban the throat with the knee, and that has become the slogan of the demonstrators americans who protest this event, and #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd. The former player of tennis, he also wrote a few words: “¡¡enough is Enough!!! Not enough to not be racist, we need to be anti-racist! I yell it loud!.

“Racism, as a form of discrimination that seeks to degrade and marginalize people because of their gender, sexual orientation, origin or color of skin, it is a pandemic that affects all of us. In the club, we will not stop fighting it. This is also our commitment”, said in a statement the club, which has wanted to join the hundreds of thousands of messages against racism. The Catalan club, always committed to the values of respect and partnership, has released a powerful message on their commitment in the fight against racism.