Adele shared a photo on networks, and looks so different that people can’t believe that she is | Music


The british released an image that quickly went viral


reappeared on social networks for the first time in the year to pay tribute to the physicians and front-line workers, thank you for the congratulations and birthday of step, to surprise the world with his striking look that reveals that you have lost weight in the past few years.

The interpreter of “Hello” celebrated its birthday number 32 from home, where he posed with a minidress black, blonde hair, and black heels, then that in the past year revealed that it had been down to 68 pounds with a healthy diet and exercise with a trainer.

“Thanks for the love during my birthday. I hope that you are safe and healthy during this time so crazy. I would like to thank all the workers are essential and which are on the first line, for keeping us safe while risking their lives. They are really our angels,” said Adele in his account of



Immediately, the photo of the singer is filled with praise, messages of support and even became the trend in other social networks.
“You look amazing”; “you left Me impressed”; “I didn’t recognize you, you’re beautiful”; “How beautiful you look” and “How beautiful it is to see you as well, you worked a lot to get that body” were some of the comments it received Adele on her new look.

The physical transformation of the british artist began in 2019, but the change was even more noticeable when Adele he shows up at a party


in Hollywood, with a close-fitting dress.

To achieve this, the singer left the cigar, he was involved in the exercise and even became a vegetarian; going down to around 68 kilos with the help of your personal trainer, Camila Goodis, who told The Sun that Adele managed to lose weight following a strict training and dietary regime. “It doesn’t look very thin, looks amazing,” he said in an interview.

In addition to weight loss, the famous is preparing their fourth studio album, which he said is expected to launch in September 2020.