Alice Cooper is learning tap dancing during the confinement



Many people are taking advantage of the confinement to acquire a new skill and Alice Cooper has not wanted to stay behind. Of all the pastimes that could be used to occupy their time, it costs to think him preferring a discipline, such as tap dance, but so it has been.

“Do you know that the announcement of the company Geico in which the whole family appears taconeando and making noise on the floor above? Well, that’s us,” has revealed in a new interview with Billboard magazine.

Responsible for having convinced him to give him a chance to dance lessons has been his wife, Sheryl Goddard, who made him see that it was the perfect activity to do with your daughters and your grandchildren.

“We have a friend who is a dancer fantastic and every Wednesday night he teaches a class of one hour duration online. We all go out to the back yard, where we have wooden floors, and we put on the shoes of tap dancing. My wife and my daughters are professional dancers, so I derive a world of benefit, but it does not matter. Now, every Wednesday is a night of tap dancing,” he added.